Today’s Teacher: Mr. Miller

Dedicated teachers work tirelessly to prepare, propel, motivate, and mentor their students. Mr. Miller is one of those teachers.

“He’s brilliant. He’s so good at math and science,” says Sarah, a current 10th-grade student who was in Mr. Miller’s 9th-grade physical science class. “I’m not good at science,” Sarah says. “He wouldn’t make me feel dumb. He would bring me up and encourage me to do well even though I wanted to give up.”

“Teachers are often uptight and serious and scary to approach, but Mr. Miller was always good humored. He’d always joke around. He made me feel comfortable around teachers,” Sarah says of Jason Miller who currently teaches at Hamilton Heights Christian Academy in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

When I asked Sarah what she learned from Mr. Miller, she said to “take jokes lightly.” She continued to tell me that “his classroom is like a home. It’s a chill atmosphere. I could talk to him about anything. He was literally like my second dad.”

Throughout my interview with Sarah, she was so excited to tell me about Mr. Miller that she could hardly get her words out. Sarah clearly expressed how much she appreciates that Mr. Miller cares about her.

“When I visit [my old school] he’s so happy to see me, and that makes my day,” Sarah says. “It makes me so happy to know that a teacher likes me.”

Sarah told me she heard other students saying Mr. Miller speaks well of her—and that makes her feel good about herself. It “inspires me to do better,” she says.

Sarah couldn’t resist telling me about how the students would tease Mr. Miller about his Crocs. “He wears the ugliest shoes. He takes it as a joke even though we’re not even kidding. We’re so mean to him about his shoes.”

When asked to describe Mr. Miller in one or two words, Sarah said “bubbly,” and “genius.”

Thank you, Mr. Miller, for making students feel comfortable in classrooms and for being a friend.


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  1. Duke Stone

    Thank you for your kind words about Mr. Miller! He is just one of the reasons Hamilton Heights is a special place! – Duke Stone, Head of School.


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