Today’s Teacher: Mrs. Maples

Dedicated teachers work tirelessly to prepare, propel, motivate, and mentor their students. Mrs. Maples is one of those teachers.

She’s interested in people—certainly not in this subject matter. She seems like a loyal person—one who would love unconditionally if given the chance. What kind of teacher reaches this girl? I wondered as I looked at the smiling, chatty sophomore in front of me. So I decided to ask her.

“She made sure everyone was paying attention and if we needed help she was always willing to help us,” said Ashley of her ninth-grade English teacher Mrs. Maples. “If I got behind she’d motivate me to get it done.”

“She was just fun. She’d be interactive with us.” Ashley told me about a class Snapchat Mrs. Maples set up for communicating with the students and that “outside in the carline she’d always talk to us and ask how our day was. She’d tell us stories about her kids.”

“She motivated us—especially me,” Ashley said of Melissa Maples who currently teaches at East Hamilton School in Ooltewah, Tennessee. “She explained everything well. She made class fun,” Ashley said.

Ashley also talked about what they did in class: She told me about learning to give a speech, writing a poetry book, making masks after reading Romeo and Juliet, going for walks and watching movies about what they learned, and her favorite—daily grammar exercises in a “green little booklet.” “I thought that was pretty cool,” Ashley said. “I like doing those.”

Ashley explained that Mrs. Maples has the balance teachers need—she wasn’t strict but she wasn’t laid back.

Mrs. Maples is “a good teacher that’s fun to be around,” Ashley concluded. “She cared about us as individuals.”

Thank you, Mrs. Maples, for being the kind of teacher a loyal student can love.


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  1. Gail Chuy

    Ms. Maples is a marvelous teacher who genuinely cares about her students. East Hamilton is very lucky she teaches our children


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