You, dear teachers, are our most influential people

Viola Davis’ confident beauty emboldens the cover of this month’s Time, introducing the magazine’s feature of “The 100 Most Influential People.”

While the people on the pages deserve accolades, I would like to nominate you, dear teachers, as the most influential people.

Kindergarten: For taking our hands, tying our shoes, and telling us stories.

Grade 1:  For endearing us to Jan Brett, Barbara Cooney, and Paulette Bourgeois.

Grade 2: For teaching us in apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and parks.

Grade 3: For singing songs about our country and empowering us to embrace our heritage.

Grade 4: For reading aloud from Gordon Korman and Roald Dahl.

Grade 5: For eloquently teaching about the birds and the bees.

Grade 6: For letting girls take pencil cases to the bathroom.

Grade 7: For diffusing drama and handling our hormones.

Grade 8: For taking us out of our desks and into museums, capitals, and battlefields.

Grade 9: For inspiring us to think, to imagine, and to try.

Grade 10: For motivating us to focus on our future.

Grade 11: For letting us talk to you about life.

Grade 12: For showing us that our teachers are people we want to be.

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