Making meaningful connections with students

How do you make meaningful connections with students?

When you teach a core subject and have a classroom of 30+ students, making meaningful connections seems so much easier if you were a coach, a tutor, or an elective teacher with 12 students in her class.

But . . . we still seek to do it because we know that our students want to know us and want us to know them. So, do we do it by greeting students at the door? Addressing them by name? Having at least one short verbal interaction with each student each class period?

As I read through my teacher evaluations at the end of this school year, a couple of comments repeatedly surfaced: students appreciate that I greet them at the door each day, and they like that I recognize their birthdays (I do this by giving each student a birthday card and saying aloud what I admire/appreciate about that student). They also included complaints about how I don’t recognize summer birthdays . . . an area for improvement, I suppose.

Nicholas Provenzano at Edutopia shares 3 Ways to Make Meaningful Connections With Your Students.

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