Anne Shirley also secretly longed for school to return in the autumn . . .

Confession: By the third day of summer holidays, I was already bored. (Those of you who have kids or a spouse at home are probably rolling your eyes right now. Sorry.)

Ironically, on the day I felt these obscene emotions, I was immersed in Anne Shirley’s laments in Anne of the Island:

“Anne felt lonelier than ever as she walked home [from the schoolhouse], going by way of the Birch Path and Willowmere. She had not walked that way for many moons. It was a darkly-purple bloomy night. The air was heavy with blossom fragrance—almost too heavy. The cloyed senses recoiled from it as from an overfull cup. The birches of the path had grown from the fairy saplings of old to big trees. Everything had changed. Anne felt that she would be glad when the summer was over and she was away at work again. Perhaps life would not seem so empty then.”

My friends, the summer (for many of us) has just begun! And there are things to be done including

not grading papers,

not repeating instructions seven times an hour,

and not going to work all day and then working more when you come home.

If your body and mind have a hard time shedding the mechanical routine of the last ten months, check out this “June Self-Care for Teachers Calendar” at

Enjoy reading (age-appropriate books of your own choosing), doing nothing, and writing with new pens!

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